четверг, 26 ноября 2015 г.

European SprutCAM Conference
Reseller Meeting & Training, 2015
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

SPRUT Technology recently held its 4th European SprutCAM Conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany which took place from 02 to 04 November and gathered European key resellers to highlight the soon to be released SprutCAM 10.

Tutorial: 3 axis Milling in SprutCAM

SprutCAM Tutorial for 3 axis milling with close/open pockets:

- New Face Milling operation

- Internal STEP format import enhanced

- Workpiece setup

- Locate zero settings

- Creation job zone in 2D geometry

- Morph operation settings

- Transformations: Multiply toolpath by axis

- 2D contouring settings

- Interactive approach/retract settings