понедельник, 11 апреля 2016 г.

SprutCAM - Patron Circular de Trayectorias Alesadora Horizontal 4ax

SprutCAM has continuous 5-axis strategies, allowing you to create CLData for any type of multi-axis machines. The CLData is created considering the machine layout, allowing avoid collisions during machining. The CLData is created taking into account the coordinate transformation machining.

The continuous 5-axis machining includes cutting habitual movements in 3 axes plus 2 needed to control the angle of the tool, making a total of 5 axes that can reach all move simultaneously. Strategies to move the tool over the machined surfaces are well known. To these the sum of the orientation of the axis of the tool includes strategies are methods to allow change the incline of the tool or the workpiece during following a series of defined rules. The simplest way is to keep always perpendicular to tool working surfaces, following two contours, girnado about an axis, guided by a line or point ... although there is great complexity in any case to control collisions with adjacent elements, the travel limits of the machine, sharp turns and other details. To solve these problems using several strategies SprutCAM cutting orientation.

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