пятница, 22 декабря 2017 г.

Dear Colleagues! There is no much time until the end of the year 2017. And the entire SprutCAM Team hurries to congratulate you and your families with a new year. We wish you fantastic holidays and a great start in the next year. Thank you for your trust and being with us this year.  Best wishes, SprutCAM Team
Projects from the card: Olaf the snowman https://goo.gl/4EuKzZ Deers https://goo.gl/Lu1Lqr Christmas tree https://goo.gl/KuXsMu

среда, 20 декабря 2017 г.

вторник, 19 декабря 2017 г.

SprutCAM - Mecanizado Robotizado (Patrón de elementos)

SprutCAM ROBOTS hace posible el desarrollo y la depuración de los programas de control en modo autónomo sin necesidad de utilizar el propio robot para este propósito.

SprutCAM ROBOTS es una herramienta para el cálculo rápido de movimientos complejos en 3D de los efectores del robot, a una buena calidad y libre de colisiones.

SprutCAM robots es una solución que permite el uso eficiente derobots industriales FANUC, KUKA, STAUBLI y ABB en el campo del mecanizado, donde se utilizaron tradicionalmente caros centros de mecanizado de 5 ejes.

четверг, 14 декабря 2017 г.


SprutCAM-Mecanizado HSM- XMARTPLM-SI.CNC-ROBOTIZAMOS by Francisco Hernandez:

Configuración de estrategia de mecanizado #HSM en #SprutCAM y comparando su eficiencia contra un mecanizado convencional usando como material Aluminio.

  • Vc: 135 m/min
  • Ap: 15 mm
  • F: 0.09 mm/rev
  • Plunge feed: 350 mm/min
  • Ae: 10%
  • Z: 2
  • Tiempo estimado: ~12 min
  • Tiempo real: 21 min 35 s.

воскресенье, 10 декабря 2017 г.

четверг, 7 декабря 2017 г.

Kuka Rotation

Kuka rotaкн milling with woodworking sumulation:

Sprutcam 車銑複合3D圖檔輸入加工入門4(銑床模式端面銑削G12.1極座標補間)~晉睿科技04-2260-0001

Sprutcam 車銑複合3D圖檔輸入加工入門4(銑床模式端面銑削G12.1極座標補間)~晉睿科技04-2260-0001楊謙驊

Creating temporary (extruded) fixtures SprutCAM 11

Dave Pearson: "In this tutorial video for SprutCAM 11, I show my method for easily creating some temporary vice jaws (fixtures) so that you don't end up machining your actual vice jaws".

SprutCAM postprocessing separate operations

In this short tutorial I explain my method for creating two separate machining programs from one SprutCAM project. This can be useful when moving parts from an initial machining operation held in a vice to a fixture for subsequent machining:

понедельник, 4 декабря 2017 г.

Alibre Design - SprutCAM interoperability

New interoperability with Alibre Design are available.

SprutCAM support direct import of the parts from Alibre Design via AddIn.
Due to AddOn for Alibre Design possible to send the models into SprutCAM.

1) AddIn in SprutCAM (item of import menu) provide direct import into SprutCAM of native Alibre Design files (*.ad_prt, *.ad_asm, *.ad_drw, *.ad_bom, *.ad_smp, *.ad_pcf, *.ad_scf)

AddIn support Alibre Exchange that comes with a wide variety of import formats that cover nearly all major CAD software:

Format Version
Alibre Design All

2) AddOn in Alibre Design (button in toolbar of Alibre Design) provide direct export of the parts into SprutCAM.

SprutCAM will recognize the changes and implement them after your command (pressing export button in Alibre Design) and hereon only necessary to press Run button in SprutCAM to get new G-code.